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HS Code - 842420.000
842420.000 - Spray guns and similar appliances.
Product Description
8424 Mechanical appliances (whether or not hand-operated) for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders; fire extinguishers, whether or not charged; spray guns and similar appliances, steam or sand blasting machines and similar jet projecting machines.

  • FAQ
    • Q1

      What type of fire extinguisher is Speedy Off?

      A.Speedy Off is aerosol type fire extinguisher that allows it to be used easily by everyone including kids, the elderly, and women. As a 100% Korean made product with the world's highest fire-fighting capacity,
      it is also a portable fire extinguisher that can be used at home, camping, in a car or during emergency escape. Speedy Off is most effective in early stage of fire so called “Golden Time” to save lives and wealth.
    • Q2

      What kind of substances are used in its manufacture?

      A.The Speedy Off contains Loaded stream (Fortified liquid) + our own Eco friendly agents therefore, unlike powder based fire extinguisher, leave no powder residue and is effective on class A,B,C,D and K(F). It is also 100% non-toxic to humans and nature.
    • Q3

      What are the differences between Speedy Off and typical powder fire extinguishers?

      A.Typical powder fire extinguishers cannot be used to put out oil-based fires (including cooking oil fires) that are given a K(F)-rating.
      Moreover, they cannot be used if the powder contained within solidifies (requiring replacement once every two years, according to law). Therefore, unlike typical fire extinguisher Speedy Off offers easy maintenance without the need for pressure testing, weighing, pressure/leak detection etc.
      Speedy Off can also put out metal-based fires as well as K(F)-rated fires to rapidly extinguish fires that occurs within a living space with portability and convenience.
    • Q4

      Is the product safe to store in the summer and winter seasons?

      A.That is a very good question. Speedy Off boasts a can resistance of 18kgf/㎠ (most normal cans support up to 13kgf/㎠) to maintain even greater stability at high temperatures and withstand up to 90-degree heat.
      It can be stored in a car in summer without the threat of explosion and can also endure temperatures of up to –20 degrees below freezing for storage in winter.
    • Q5

      How much fire-fighting agent is discharged and for how long?

      A.Speedy Off is a small but strong fire extinguisher.
      The 500g of agent allow for approximately 18 seconds of spraying (3.3kg small-size extinguisher allows for 12 seconds). 18 seconds is an appropriate duration to put out a fire in its early stages.
      In addition, the dedicated one touch spray cap nozzle and valve are manufactured to be sprayed from a safe distance of up to 5 meters to put out fires.
    • Q6

      Is it a certified product?

      A.Of course! Speedy Off is a nationally-certified product in Korea accredited by the Korean Advanced Institute for Fire Fighting. It is only shipped after being verified by the appropriate agencies after each batch is manufactured.
      Moreover, it is registered with the Korean Government Procurement Office, so it can be used safely by public agencies as well as banks, tourist facilities, and hospitals.
      For export purposes, it is currently under consideration for formal approval in other countries such as Japan and from China's CCC.
    • Q7

      What types of places can it be used in?

      A.It may be placed in any place where a fire may occur.
      It can prevent and put out fires in any place you can think of, including residences, restaurants, companies, hospitals, public facilities, banks, factories, inside cars, workplaces, and construction sites.
    • Q8

      How long can it be used for?

      A.Speedy Off, thanks to its aluminum can and enhanced fire fighting agent, can be stored and used for over 5 years, unlike regular fire extinguishers that require replacement every two years, on average.
    • Q9

      Why is it recommended to use all the contents of the Speedy Off Fire Extinguishing Spray
      can on the fire? Can I save the rest of the contents for later use?

      A.When using on a fire, all the contents of the Speedy Off Fire Extinguishing Spray should be used to help prevent the flame from re-igniting. Since cleanup of the fire extinguishing discharge is so easy, use the entire product, just to be safe.
      Additionally, it is recommended that you should replace your Speedy Off once you have partially used it so that you can be sure to have enough fire extinguishing spray to protect your home in the future.
    • Q10 Do I need to shake the Speedy Off Fire Extinguishing Spray before use?
      A.There is no need to shake the Speedy Off Fire Extinguishing Spray before using,
      just point it to the base of fire, hold the can 10~15 feet from the fire, and spray across the base of the fire.
    • Q11

      Is it safe to use on electrical fire?

      A.Needless to say, the container is made from aluminum for long-term storage to prevent rust and internal epoxy insulated coating provides safe protection from electric shock when putting out electrical fires.
      Our conductivity test for every cans we produce must satisfy our national standard for the aerosol can which is below 30MA means the electricity will not go through the can while using on the electrical fire but we strongly recommend to cut the power off before or after use it on electrical fire.
    • Q12

      How can I import and distribute in my country?

      A.Just ask us how many you would like to import and distribute in your country.
      Our current MOQ is 5,000 set or units. You will also have to check with your country’s related authorities before import. We are currently exporting to many different parts of the world including the Middle East, South-East Asia, Europe and the North America region. Our product HS CODE is 842420.000.