speedyoff model sp-exv600's detail informaion

Vehicle Fire Extinguisher SP-EXV600
Fire Extinguisher
size 64 mm (Ø) x 250 mm (H)
total weight 600g
color silverred
    • For Vehicle

      There is no risk of explosion in a car during summer time,  aluminum can and nitrogen gas used. Operating temperature : -20 ~ 90℃ degree celsius.

      • 1.practical design
        User centered design

        Easy and intuitive to use for everyone.
        Smart one touch spray cap applied.

        Design Specification

        A beautiful gorge style can and the largest
        in size among our line up gives you comfort
        from a fear of the fire while you are driving.
        You can simply store in glove box or trunk.


        Metallic silver & Matte red

        For car manufacturer, we could design
        and supply a customised holder.

      • 2.light & easy
        WEIGHT 600g &

        Speedy Off employs small and light weighted
        but the most powerful and effective aerosol extinguishing technology so that it can easily be used by everyone including children and elderly.
        It can maintain stability in the fastest possible time when the fire first breaks out.
        (The golden time to save lives and wealth)

      • 3. small & strong
        Small but strongest fire extinguishing capability Speedy off is able to put out fires
        that other fire extinguishers can not,
        such as cooking oil and metal fires with its enhanced fire fighting agents.
        • car fires
        • bus fires
        • truck fires
        A,B,C,D,K(F)급 화재 진압이 가능합니다.
      • 4. holder & alarm
        SMART ALARM (Available only for SP-EXV500)
        • Smart Alarm is an innovative (patented) and the world first holder + Alarm product especially designed for spray fire extinguisher like Speedy Off.
        • It is a wall mountable and alarm sound will go on for 3min. once fire extinguisher is detached from holder in the event of a fire or emergency.
        • It can also prevent theft of SpeedyOff when stored in a public place.
        • See more details at SMART ALARM.Go to site
        • SP-EXV350, SP-EXV600 : Smart Alarm is not available.
        • Alarm Sound

        • Bettery Change Sound

      • 5. echo & safety
        • Non-toxic to human and environmentally-friendly fire-fighting agents applied.
        • Easy cleanup after use - simply wipe it out with a damp cloth.
        • No risk of exploding during the summer or freezing during the winter time when stored in a car or outside.
          (Operating temperature -20~90 Celsius / -4~194 Fahrenheit)
        • Our aluminium can is corrosion free and internal epoxy insulated coating provides safe protection from electric shock when putting out electrical fires.
        • Our conductivity test for every cans we produce must satisfy our national standard for the aerosol can which is below 30MA means the electricity will not go through the can while using on the electrical fire.
  • Color Availability
    Metallic silver
    Matte red
    64mm (Ø) x 250mm (H)
    Total Weight
    Content Volume
    width 64mm , height 250mm sp-exv600
    SPEEDY OFF Fire Extinguisher
    Type Aerosol Spray
    Size 64mm (Ø) x 250mm (H)
    Total Weight 600g
    Content Volume 400㎖
    Can Material Aluminum
    Pressure/Resistance 18 kgf/㎠
    Infill Gas Nitrogen
    Internal Lacquer Epoxy Phenolic (insulated coating)
    Discharge Time 18sec
    Discharge Range 5m
    Operating Temperature -20~90℃
    Warranty 2 years from purchase date
    Validity 5 years from production date
    • Stand back 10~15 feet from the fire.
    • Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
    • Sweep the nozzle from side to side at the
      base of the fire until it goes out.
    • No need to shake before use.
    • It must not be used other than in the event of fire.
    • Keep out of reach of children under 10 years old.
    • If it splashes into your eye, flush your eye with water.
    • Dispose properly under regulations after use.
  • Plant Registration
    KS Q ISO 9001
    KS I ISO 14001

    We are currently under consideration for formal approval
    of these cetificates.